Sunday, June 13, 2010

A New Book By Mary E. DeMuth: Life In Defiance

Life In Defiance is the final novel in the Defiance Texas Trilogy. In book one, a young girl named Daisy Chance disappears and is found dead. In book two, we focus on the dead girl's mother. In book three, we focus on the preacher's wife, Ouisie Pepper, who is keeping a terrible secret. She knows who the murderer is, but she hasn't told anyone.

Since Book One, I have speculated on who the murderer might be. I wanted this terrible crime solved and justice dealt to the murderer. Author DeMuth writes with such depth of emotion about the murder and the reactions of the town's people. My heart ached for Ouisie as she tries to please a husband who won't be pleased while her children suffer emotionally and physically over the abuse of their mother.

We experience the indecision of a woman who is torn between protecting herself and her children and obeying the tenets of a book on womanhood.

Take the time to read the first two books so you can fully enjoy the solution to the crime. I was wrong in my guess. Read the books and see if you can figure out who the killer was.

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