Sunday, October 3, 2010

A Woman Called Sage by DiAnn Mills

When you see the slogan, "expect an adventure," chances are you're talking about my friend and mentor, DiAnn Mills. With more than forty books to her credit, DiAnn provides both fans and first time readers an exciting journey with every book.

Ms. Mills writes both historical romance and romantic suspense. In both genres, conflict rampages on every page tantilizing, enticing and drawing us in deeper and deeper until the book finishes. Then, we are disappointed that it's over.

Last year, I told about one of her romantic suspense books "Breach of Trust." Earlier this year, Sue Watson blogged here about the second in that series, "Sworn to Protect." Today, I'd like to choose her latest historical fiction, "A Woman Called Sage."

This is a story of redemption, second chances and God using bad to make good. Sage Morrow, a happily-married expectant mother in the late 1800s turns into a lonely, driven bounty hunter because of a murdering gang. Her life fills with danger and decision, but God works behind the scenes to heal many people hurt by the gang's evil doings.

If you think we have our favorite authors on this blog, you're right. DiAnn Mills teaches fiction mentoring clinics and remains willing to help young writers, two of which write on this blog. Thank you, Diann, for your wisdom and help to Moonine Sue Watson and Janet K Brown and a host of others, and thanks for another book to satisfy our thirst for your particular brand of adventure.

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