Sunday, December 5, 2010

Partnering for Greater Writing by Judy Vandiver and Babara Oden

Here on the--books to write by---blog, we try to give good advice on books, webpages, and other avenues in which to improve your writing knowledge and abilities. Recently, I purchased a book written by two newer authors, Judy Vandiver and Barbara Oden, called "Partnering for Greater Writing." This small book, though an easy-read, is chock-full of interesting ideas to turn your want-to into finished products.
These two ladies turn partnering into an art form. Though the team work includes writing this book together, the duo transforms separate avenues and interests in the world of writing into a bond for encouragement, accountability and guidance. Examples abound of day-by-day calendars and goal setting lists actually used to upgrade their endeavors.
Since we're all individuals in our approaches to anything, seeing how two different personalities and styles provide momentum and motivation for each other inspired me. I have three critique partners (Debra, Stephanie and Moonine who write on this blog with me), and we do read each other's work and encourage when one is down. However, reading this book showed me the importance of perhaps choosing one writer with whom I could share goals set and met each week so that I might take my writing to a higher level in 2011.
Thank you, Judy and Barbara for this well laid-out plan. I highly recommend the book if you're looking for a unique way to spur yourself into action and keep you sailing to new writing pursuits.

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