Sunday, October 19, 2008

Cross & Quill

Okay, Cross & Quill is not a book, but it is a great resource and inspiration for writers. This newsletter for The Christian Writer's Fellowship International gives new markets, new directions and tools for writing, good craft lessons, and introduces one of our successful writers. Since joining this group a year ago, I've eagerly anticipated each copy every month. Also, the publication itself offers a market to those who write articles or devotions.
For those of us writing fiction or non-fiction, for books or periodicals, Cross & Quill offers something of interest. Recent favorite articles of mine include "Ways to Win an Editor's Heart" by the editor Sandy Brooks, "Seeing Your Audience with Your Heart" by Janet Perez Eckles and "I Love to Write Day, 2008" by John Riddle. There's always an article about young adult writing, writer's groups and market changes or new markets. Each copy highlights upcoming Christian writing conferences or workshops.
Christian Writer's Fellowship not only sends out the monthly newsletter, but has an online loop along with annually sending extra writing tips and market info.
For a Christian writer this group and especially this newsletter is an invaluable tool on our journey to publication and beyond.


  1. This sounds like a good group to belong to. Do you have their address that you could post?

  2. I've read a couple of their newsletters. They do give very pertinet information.

  3. I just joined the CWFI and received my second copy of the magazine. I love it! It has already helped me. I am looking forward to meeting more fellow Christian writers through it also. I will look for your articles.
    in Him,


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