Monday, January 26, 2009

Defeat Self-Defeating Behaviors

Defeat Self-Defeating Behaviors
Lecture Series
Margie Lawson

Sometimes in life an opportunity comes along that you know you were meant to accept. The announcement for an online class called Defeat Self-Defeating Behaviors by Margie Lawson appeared on a writers’ loop the first week in January. I clicked on the link, read about the course, and enrolled before procrastination let the opportunity slip by.

Defeat Self-Defeating Behaviors is a four-week, nine lecture series developed by Margie Lawson. She begins by asking the student to identify her own self-defeating behaviors. The remainder of the course addresses how to overcome those practices and attitudes that prevent a successful approach to writing. About twice a week, a lecture, averaging between twenty and thirty pages, is posted with assignments to be completed. Author interviews at the end of each lecture address their advice about writing.

One thing I recommend is keep up with the homework and read the student responses posted online. I took a previous course and quickly fell behind because I didn’t work on it every day.

Margie Lawson could publish her material as a book and spare herself the time and effort it takes for the interaction of an online course, but she includes answers and comments on student work to help them understand and grow while taking her class.

I’m glad I seized the opportunity and took the course because I’ve identified my self-defeating behaviors that kept me from pursuing my dream of being a writer. I’ve already enrolled in another class on Empowering Characters’ Emotions. I’m also thinking of taking the Deep Editing class again, but this time I’ll keep up with the lessons.

You can read more about the online courses she conducts and her speaking schedule by logging on to Go for it. You’ll be glad you did.

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