Sunday, July 19, 2009

Committed but Flawed by Cecil Murphey

Recently, I met a remarkable man and a fantastic writer in Cecil Murphey. He's well known for ghostwriting "Ninety Minutes in Heaven," a true story of Don Piper's near-death experience. All the words in that book are Cecil's. He's done much more ghostwriting and also many under his own name--something like one hundred fifteen books and over a thousand articles. "Cec" is much sought after for writing and preaching conferences. Yet, he's the most non-assuming, kind man I've had the pleasure to meet.
"Committed but Flawed" was the first of his books I've read under his own name, and I would highly recommend it for inspiration, for provoking thought, and for deepening a walk with Christ.
As a Christian writer, I seek new ways to stay focused on writing as a ministry. Books like this help. A familiar slogan made the rounds in recent years "What would Jesus do?" Cecil explores the idea of following the actions of Jesus as hard to do for a flawed individual like him (and like me).
The sub title says "seeking NEW ways to grow spiritually." Cecil picks out twenty-six individuals from the Bible to emulate--committed, but flawed people. Peter, who failed when the going got rough, brings us one chapter. I especially like the chapter on Onesiphorus, a little known guy who stood by and helped where he could. Some chapters highlight women in the Bible, some men.
I recommend this book if you're a successful writer who needs to go back to basics, but I recommend it if you've been rejected. As Cecil points out, we're all still learning.

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  1. Sounds like a book I need to read! Interesting review. Mr.Murphey sounds like a very unique individual.


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