Sunday, August 23, 2009

Using the Library for a Book Signing

I can't believe it is my turn again. The four week cycle comes around quickly. As you know one of our critique partners has published a book called Refuge. This has been quite an experience for us all.

We met as a critique group to brainstorm publicity and marketing ideas for her book. Because I save everything, I've started a new practice of copying and pasting ideas to a Word document for different topics to save ink and paper expenses. I have files for different topics on my desktop. When I read a new idea, I make a new Word page for it, including the name of the person who suggested the idea and also a note of my own ideas. I brought some copies of the new information and what I had accumulated in files over the years.

I am a member of the local Friends of the Library, so I was able to schedule a meeting for her to give a speech and sign her book on Family Night. The librarian was delighted with the turnout, and Stephanie was able to meet some teenagers who were happy to buy an autographed copy.

I am not writing about a specific book, but I am making a couple of suggestions. Keep files of different topics for later use, either in a file folder or on your computer or a combination of both. Consider contacting local librarians for a possible speaking engagement and signing opportunity. Stephani's signing appeared in two articles in the local paper. Her book is now in the library, and she has some new fans.

You can read her book yourself by going to her website at You won't be disappointed.

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  1. I'm looking over the posts. This was a nice way of supporting Stephanie. Good job.


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