Sunday, November 22, 2009

Everyday Life During the Civil War by Michael J. Varhola

Writer's Digest Books has a series of books on different time periods. Each book focuses on the daily life of that time period. I purchased Everyday Life During the Civil War at the bookstore when I attended one of the Romance Writers of America's conferences. I also purchased one about World War II time period. If I were to write an historical novel, it would be about one of those time periods.

The book contains forty-four illustrations with a variety of photos from walking clothes to a flintlock musket. Some topics addressed are recipes, games, slang, and currency.

The Appendix includes a time line, a bibliography of recommended books, resources including web sites, and song lyrics of the time.

I haven't found the books on the shelves at book stores, They can be ordered from Writer's Digest and from a book store if you knew what title you wanted to use for your research.


  1. The Writer's Digest is a valuable resource for reference books like thses.

  2. So true. These books are a wealth of historical info.


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