Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Christian Writer's Guild - Apprentice Level

For the past two years, fellow contributing blogger, Sue Watson and myself has been enrolled in Jerry B. Jenkins Christian Writers Guild.

Come March, I will have successfully completed this two-year course. I have finished each lesson (two per month) on time (mostly) and have stayed to my estimated completion date.

Would I recommend this course for the aspiring writer? Yes, yes, and an emphatic yes!

What I love about this course is that it takes a writer with basic knowledge about the craft of writing and teaches him/her how to make money by writing articles and non-fiction items. By month five, I was submitting several pieces to different magazines and had several editors request to see my work from my query letters. I didn't get any of my pieces published but it was good experience for me to see how the process works.

Another thing I love is the fiction section of the course. I wished five years ago when I first started writing that I would have taken this course first before joining any other clubs or national organizations. Why? I had such a hard time understanding point of view when I first began writing. In this course, it explains with such clarity what point of view is and how to write different point of views. This fiction section covers plot, dialogue, point of view, scenes, characterization, emotions, and self-editing.

I saved what I love most for the last part, I love my mentor!!! Judy Bodmer is a doll and the best mentor anyone can have. She is such an encourager and is gentle with her critiques. I have learned so much by being paired with her.

The Christian Writers Guild matches each student with a published mentor. The mentors guide each student through the lessons and assignments.

Is this course for you? A resounding yes! This course is beneficial for the beginning writer to the intermediate writer. There is much knowledge to be gained from taking this course.

If you are interested in more information try this link: http://www.christianwritersguild.com/ApprenticeLevel.asp

From the website:

Our Apprentice Level course covers the gamut of writing from fiction to nonfiction. After you register, you’ll receive an introduction to your mentor, a lesson schedule to help you stay on pace, and the course notebook containing all 50 lessons.

As soon as you’ve finished the first assignment, E-mail your work to your assignedMaster Craftsman mentor. All our mentors have been personally approved by Jerry Jenkins, based on their experience and expertise.

Within one week, your mentor will return your work to you with comments and suggestions, and often even a bit of the kind of editing you might expect from an editor. But don’t wait for that evaluation before beginning the next lesson, so you can keep up with your one-lesson-every-two-weeks pace.

Each lesson is designed to build upon what you’ve learned in previous lessons. And move you closer to realizing your dream of becoming a writer. Who knows? You may be one who begins selling and publishing by the time you’ve finished the Apprentice course and move up to Journeyman.

All of us at the Christian Writers Guild look forward to the day we can say, “We knew you when.”


  1. Having seen some of your returned assignments, I know you got great feedback.

  2. It's been good for us to do this course together so we could bounce our ideas off of each other and encourage each other. I've learned a lot.


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