Monday, May 7, 2012

Conferences/ Why should you go?

This past weekend I attended the Oklahoma Writers Federation conference in Oklahoma City with fellow "Books to Write" contributor, Janet Brown. We attended last year and found it beneficial.

Conferences are a good way in several ways. Going to a conference enables you to meet and network with other people who love the written word. Attending workshops and sharing meals with new people gives you an opportunity to ask questions and hear about their writing experiences. Business cards with important information are exchanged. Email allows you to keep in touch with your new friends.

The workshops provided at each conference are planned so that attendees can find topics that will help them further their knowledge of the writing world. Authors, editors, and agents willingly give pointers that help writers become more proficient in their careers. Handouts along with your notes can be studied later at home.

Contests are often a part of the conference. You can read the guidelines and decide if your work is ready to be viewed by others. Check to see that your will receive feedback from the contest. Many contests feature editors and agents as your final judges, which could result in a contract.

Appointments with editors and agents are offered by most conferences. These appointments provide an opportunity to pitch your work for possible publication.

Check our available conferences with other writers. Ones sponsored by the writers' organizations you belong to are especially aimed at your interests. Pick one that meets your needs and start saving money. Believe me you will be glad you did. Last year my friend secured a contract for a book, and I had an article published in a magazine. Maybe I'll see you at the next conference.

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