Sunday, September 2, 2012

"Victoria's Ghost" by Janet K. Brown, Sharing the Journey

I just finished reading Victoria's Ghost written by my friend and fellow blogger, Janet K. Brown. I was privileged, along with other members of this blog, to observe the growth of this book from the germ of an idea to a completed project. Sharing the journey with Janet began with her detailing her ideas for the story. I was excited because some older members of my Bible Study had lived in that community growing up when it was a booming oil-producing town. Debra and Stephanie were excited because it was going to be a Youth Adult, which both of their teenagers like to read. We read each chapter she either posted online or brought to our monthly critique meetings where we share our current works. I was fortunate enough to attend the Oklahoma Federation of Writers Conference in Oklahoma City with her when she was asked to submit her finished manuscript. She has shared her adventures of getting the call, marketing, polishing the final copy after editor suggestions, and the arrival of the actual book in the mail. We've celebrated each step of the way. We are thrilled to share this experience with Janet. It was such a pleasure to read the published copy of the book we had all grown to love as we cheered for Janet on her road to publication. Congratulations seems a hollow word to express my own excitement at Janet's success. Her hard work and perseverance in seeking and securing publication of her first book is a well-earned reward. Way to go, Janet. I'm proud of you. Not one to rest on her laurels, she is hard at work on the story of another teen-ager who lives in the Clara Community. I can't wait to read it. Purchase her book and enjoy Victoria's adventures at Clara Cemetery. You'll be glad you did.

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  1. Thank you so much, Sue. I remember when you read my 1st chapter of Victorria and the Ghost. You said, I indicated too much of a hill for such a flat plains area. Again and again, you had me go back and change wording to be more realistic in depicting the area of Clara, TX. The story is more accurate & a lot stronger for the input you, Debra, and Stephanie gave me along the way. I am honored by your praise. Thank you.


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