Sunday, December 2, 2012

PLATFORM by Michael Hyatt

If you're wondering about the how-to of marketing an existing or upcoming book or just yourself as an author, the expert to check out is Michael Hyatt.
He was the keynote speaker for the American Christian Fiction Writers conference in September and shared many of his ideas from his latest book. Eager to market my first book, I purchased one immediately and dug into it as soon as I got home.

Wow, was it worth the money. I love his sub-title "Get Noticed in a Noisy World." None of us doubt, social media has taken over our computers. Many sites vie for our time and attention. My friend, Sue Watson, recently told me that mine was the only blog she looked at because she just didn't have time for them. Another friend, Mary Beth Lee, indicated that if she wasn't careful, reading all the blogs kept her from her writing. Others, like two of my comrades on this group blog, Debra Calloway and Stephanie Gallentine find themselves pressured by job and family obligations with no time to keep up online. Michael Hyatt called it correctly, a "noisy world."
How do we stand out? Hyatt answered many of my questions. I will be referring back to the book for further advice from time to time which makes it imperative to possess our own copies to keep on hand.

As a brand new tweeter, my first question was how often should I post on Twitter. Hyatt answers me on page. 174 of Platform. He explains not with just a number, but with personal examples and experiences. Second, how can I increase my blog traffic? Chapter 35 of Platform gives specifics.

Dreaming/goal setting? Platform begins with that.
Inspiration? Platform overflows with that.
Practical advice? Micahel Hyatt knows what he knows by doing it himself.
Means to stay legal? It's in there.
Suggestions? Well, suffice to say, I just discovered something I marked that I'd forgotten about when I read the book the first time. On page 225-227, Hyatt lists super blog ideas. Okay, Michael, I'm starting my who-to-e-mail-to-get-for-a-guest-blog list, thanks to rereading your book.

I recommend all BookstoWriteby viewers, if you haven't purchased this book, rush out and get it now, or go over to Amazon. Hey, you might even want to order it overnight.

Anyone else out there that's used this book?

Will you allow a busy writer to include my own books to this post? I'm trying to build my platorm. Okay?

This is my latest and my only non-fiction. Pen-L Publishing released it 12/1, in time for Christmas presents. It starts with a devotion on January 1.

To purchase, go to

This is my inspirational, paranormal young adult released by 4RV Publishing in July, 2012. This would make a great Christmas present for a 12-17 year old girl.

To purchase it, go to

Thanks, Moonine Sue, Debra, and Stephanie, my co-authors of this BookstoWriteby blog for allowing me some shameless self promotion. God bless you.


  1. This sounds like a great marketing book. I'll be checking it out on Amazon right away. Thanks for sharing Janet,

  2. Thanks, Debby. I don't think you'll be sorry. It really helps me.

  3. Thanks, Lori, for e-mailing me. I'm glad this review helped you.

  4. You have been working really hard to build your platform and get your work out there. This
    sounds like the perfect book for you at this time in your life. I'm glad you shared the information.

  5. Thanks, Sue, yes, this book helped me tremendously. Thanks for your comment.

  6. It really is, Nancy. I highly recommend it especially for those of us trying to market as Hyatt says, "in a noisy world."

  7. It's really beautiful work.Thanks for this kind of stuff.I mean I am totally impressed. Hope to see more updated work here. I have to say, it is very informative.


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