Sunday, July 7, 2013

The Book Doctor by Robyn Conley

The best way to do that is to run stark naked with your creativity. Don’t be afraid to bare those virgin thoughts, no matter how your conscious mind chastises the behavior.
These are just some of the hilarious lines in the book, written by Robyn Conley, Be Your Own Book Doctor.

Robyn Conley, the book doctor and speaker, writes about writing, editing, and marketing what you write. She can show you how to find the problems in your work which keep it from selling to publishers or snatching an agent’s interest.
She writes in a fun and easy to understand way which really helps writers create stories, edit like a professional, and helps sell a book. In the first part of the book, she writes about giving your book a professional diagnosis. By that, she means find problems in your plot. After you find problems from your plot, she gives suggestions on how to fix them.

She gives tips on how to make your book even stronger whether it is fiction or non-fiction. She gives tips on strengthening dialogue, characters, and plot. Telling of her personal experiences, she helps you learn the easy way to making a better book.
Now being done writing and editing, it’s time to sell the book. She calls the last part of her book cosmetic nips and tucks, talking about query letters, synopsis, marketing, and network, network, network. Then after you have cured the book it is time to get a second opinion.  Like hiring people to read your work or getting a critic group to do that for free. By the end of this how-to-book, your book will become a gem all will want to read.

Be Your Own Book Doctor is her tenth book. Others include John Grisham, Cartoonists, Alexander G. Bell, Meerkats, Depression, Motion Pictures, The Automobile, Living the Rapture, and What Really Matters to Me – a journal which helps people discover their goals, and then offers practical tips to make those dreams come true.

Bethany Calloway – high school book reviewer-extraordinaire


  1. wow, Debra. wise minds run in the same cycles. I'm reading this book now. I've gotten great help from it. Robyn is a wonderful teacher.

  2. I would love to take credit for this wonderful post, but Bethany Calloway wrote the review after reading the book. Great job! Bethany!


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