Monday, July 21, 2008

I've Got Clutter!

It seems no matter how hard I try to organize my writing time, I eventually fail. I've tried to use time management techniques, schedules, and my PDA alarm, reminding me to get busy. I keep praying God will help me realize where I go wrong. He answered my prayer.

Clean-up the clutter!

from clutter to clarity, simplifying life from the inside out, by Nancy Twigg has helped me get real with my problem.

Mrs. Twigg defines clutter as: anything that complicates your life and prevents you from living in peace as you live out your purpose.

Now I know one of my purposes in life is to write. I'll be the first to admit that the reason I don't write more often is because writing makes me feel guilty when my house is messy. So, I spend my time cleaning and doing laundry and then try to make time for a couple of days during the week to write.

How's that working?

Not so great.


Because I've Got Clutter!

One thing, which Mrs. Twigg describes in her book is that clutter is a symptom of an emotional problem. Discontent is a reality in our world and in our lives. Clutter then becomes a symptom of our discontent. So, how do we go about finding contentment in our discontent world?

Once we adjust our attitude the next thing we work on is our schedule. In our busy society, we cram every moment of the day with activities. So, now not only is our attitude cluttered, but our lives are too! We have to learn how to say and mean a very powerful word, "NO".

Those of us who have problems with our attitudes being cluttered, our lives being cluttered, we also have problems with our finances being cluttered. Learning to live in freedom is the last section where we can at last find contentment in our budgets.

Now that I'm transforming into a creature who is content to possess just what she needs, I'm finding more time to write. Perhaps, from clutter to clarity, isn't a book written on the craft of writing, however it will help you to find the time to write.

This book can be found at Here is the link:


  1. Debra,

    This is Nancy, the author of "From Clutter to Clarity." Thanks for the review. I am glad you found it helpful.


  2. Nancy,

    Thank you so much for commenting. At my church, we are using your book for our Wednesday night class. We are enjoying our lessons.

  3. Deb,

    Now I want to read this book even more as I am having trouble finding time to write with the same frustrations. Your comment made me think about "mind clutter". Our pastor on Sunday called them the weeds in our own personal garden. So that's two affirmations. I think I need to pray about it and read the book.

  4. I definitely have to go get this book because I have MAJOR clutter issues this year!!!!


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