Monday, July 28, 2008

Writer's Little Book of Wisdom reviewed by Moonine Sue Watson

Writer’s Little Book of Wisdom by John Long is written by a best-selling author who shares three hundred and two thoughts about writing. The book is full of pearls of wisdom he’s gathered from other authors and various sources.

I think I won this book as a door prize at a writers’ workshop. I found it when I was looking through a stack of books. I was curious and pulled it out to take with me to my doctor’s appointment, where experience has taught me to always bring something to read while I wait my turn.

The title page has a sentence beneath the title stating:
A treasury of tips and warnings for every writer and aspiring writer-the traps to avoid and gold mines to explore.

His introduction hit me between the eyes. He mentions how some people spend so much time learning techniques and studying how to write that they never get around to actually writing. I’m guilty as charged. Right away, I decided it was no accident that I’d stumbled across this little book tucked in among my many stacks of “to read” books.

Item number one was “Art without practice is nothing.”
Number two was “Sit down every day and write.”

I figured with the introduction and the first two items being exactly the encouragement I needed, the rest of the book would be filled with further good advice.

I was not disappointed. I’m going to keep this little book next to my computer for a nugget of truth each day as I “Sit down every day and write.”


  1. Well, the author accomplished his mission, Sue, to get his readers to study the suggestions in his book. It's neat how God god this book in your hands and you steward His good intentions.

    Good blog


  2. I am also guilty of spending most of my time reading and learning instead of actually writing. My husband teases me all the time. He says, "When are you going to stop learning how to write and start writing so you can earn me millions."
    I may never earn millions, but I do need to write more to spread God's Word more.
    Thanks for the reminder.
    Good review.

  3. Ouch, I'm so having a hard time writing. Maybe it's all that summer fun? or perhaps I'm just waiting for 28 days to pass for my writing days to start again?

    Can anyone say, "God bless the public school system?"

  4. Thanks for the book recommendation, Sue. It sounds like a real treat!


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