Sunday, August 24, 2008

No Wonder They Call Him the Savior by Max Lucado

I am enrolled in the Christian Writers’ Guild writing course. For the lesson I just completed, I was given a list of short story books. My assignment was to select one of those books and read some of the short stories. Then I was to analyze the techniques the author used to make it interesting using various methods listed in that particular lesson.

I was delighted to see a book by Max Lucado listed, which would save me a trip to the bookstore if I had that particular title in our collection. Luckily, I had picked up this particular book at the Friends of the Library book sale in the spring.

I fixed a glass of hot Earl Grey tea and sat down in my favorite chair to read. Needless to say I ended up reading all the selections from No Wonder They Call Him the Savior.

I paper clipped several stories that I particularly liked as I read through the book. When I completed the book, I had to select a passage I wanted to comment on. It was a hard decision, but I ended up selecting “Puppies, Butterflies, and a Savior”. This was my favorite because it talked about puppies that won’t come when called by the master because they are distracted by something else. My mixed lab is like that.

What I learned from this assignment is how an author can take an ordinary life experience and use it to teach a spiritual truth. In this case, how we are like our puppies because we get distracted by the things of life and ignore our Master’s call.

Max Lucado is a master of the English language. He mentions in the foreword how Jesus used stories to make a point.

When I read the short chapters in the book, which was subtitled “Chronicles of the Cross”, I felt as if Max Lucado and I were sharing an afternoon visit. His vivid style of telling a story reminded me of my childhood and listening to my Aunt Pearl tell of her childhood adventures.

If you want to read a master story teller and study examples of outstanding story telling techniques, then treat yourself to No Wonder They Call Him the Savior by Max Lucado or any other of his many published works.


  1. I have not read anything by Max Lucado--I know, what planet do I live on. After reading your blog, Sue, I plan to go find this title at least. I'm sure it will lead to reading many more.

  2. Aha...I know what lesson you finished. I too used Max Lucado for this lesson. I didn't have the ones they recommended, but it didn't matter. The book I used of his was still very helpful.

    I also like his voice. It's very soothing to my soul.

  3. I love your blog. I also love reading Max Lucado, but haven't read this one. Sue, I think you might be finding a new strength in non-fiction. It's well written.


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