Sunday, April 11, 2010

As writers, we are always searching for new books, articles, magazines, courses… anything to help us become more effective writers. Oftentimes, those pursuits can get expensive. Today, however, I want to share a resource that is completely free and yet one of the best online magazines for writers.

This monthly online magazine is called Christian Fiction Online Magazine. It is filled not only with articles on helping your craft but also current industry news that will help you stay abreast of market changes.

Check out this months issue HERE.


  1. We absolutely love that you would choose to promote our magazine. I hope you find many great resource articles in this month, and in our Archives that will help you with your craft of writing.

    The only thing I'd like to correct is that although I am a Zone Director for ACFW, this is NOT a ACFW magazine. :-)

    The parent organization of the magazine is Christian Fiction Blog Alliance and our blog tours can be viewed at CFBA Blog Tours.

    God bless and thank you for spreading the word about Christian fiction and all it has to offer.

  2. My humblest apologies. I've made the slight correction. Thank you for alerting me to my mistake.

  3. Stephanie, thank you for making us aware of this great resource. Well done!

  4. Wow, Stephanie, I'm blown away. I never knew about this.


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