Monday, November 17, 2008

Courage to Change

Okay, okay. On this blog, I'm supposed to write about the craft of writing, whereas "Courage to Change" explains the craft of living. Last night, I vacillated between two writing books which have helped me to heighten conflict and suspense in my manuscripts. With what is going on in my life at the present time, God kept leading me back to "Courage to Change."
"Lord, do you want me write on this book?" "Duh....," I thought I heard Him whisper this morning. So here goes, perhaps someone else needs this book. "Courage to Change" includes a compilation of several writings by Dr. Samuel Moor Shoemaker who lived, preached and wrote 1921-1939. His wisdom rings true today as it did when Alcoholics Anonymous first began, and its Christian roots came through him.
I discovered this book fifteen years ago when God healed me emotionally and helped me lose ninety pounds. With every new challenge in life, I seek first God's Holy Bible, and next "Courage to Change."
Whether I write or speak or God uses me in other ways, pride creeps into my accomlishments causing me to fall on my face again. Am I the only one? I think not. I read on page 66, "Genuine humility cannot be attained by avoiding pride: it can only be attained by discovering gratitude."
When I'm having trouble in life, I read page 65 "But I believe that God uses that trouble, turns it to good account, works it into the whole fabic of our lives, and gives meaning to it....You cannot seek the meaning of a sorrow while you hug it to yourself, and will not give it to God to shed His light upon."
As I seek for God's will, I read page 37 "He asks us to begin with Him at the known and follow Him into the unknown.... Begin where you can."
How do I help people to find Christ? On page 183, Rev. Sam says "Religion today is largely the imitation of an example, when it ought to be the hearing of a Voice."
Much wisdom, wonderful insights. This book delves into our mindsets and questions everything we thought we knew. As I said, it's been around awhile so might only be on Amazon or through Hazelden Publications. The book was compiled and edited by Bill Pittman and Dick B in 1994.
There you have it, Lord. I told them about this book. Thanks for leading me to it again. Point the way for those who read this blog today.

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