Monday, November 3, 2008


Writing the Christian Romance by Gail Gaymer Martin is one book I wished I had owned four years ago when I first started on my journey to publication. Allow me to explain.

My first hurdle back then was to learn the difference between Single Title & Category romances. In chapter one, Ms. Martin elaborates on their differences and how Christian romance differs from secular romances.

As I look over the next few chapters, concerning creating believable characters, get know your hero/heroine, emotions, sexuality, and spirituality, I look back with a good feeling, thinking I had a good understanding of these concepts.

However, POV was the hardest thing for me learn. I understood 1st person, 3rd person and such but learning how to handle third person limited pov was the hardest idea for me to conquer. Ms. Martin tackles this subject with the all the finese of a true professional. She eases into the concept with explaining 1st, 3rd, omniscient, and how to interweave the pov's. If you struggle with pov, then I recommend this book for you.

The last hurdle and most recent one I've had to learn is plotting. Chapter 10 is entitled Plotting the Christian Romance. Ms. Martin identifies many popular plotting techniques. I think I've tried them all except the 3-Act Structure which I'm trying now.

The last chapter in the book is How to Sell a Christian Romance Novel and in this chapter Ms. Martin instructs and gives examples of preparing a manuscript to sell, she enlightens her reader on editor/agent relationships, and she lists popular conferences.

Gail Gaymer Martin offers a well-balanced teaching on how-to write Christian fiction.

If you haven't read this book, yet...don't wait any longer.

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  1. Sounds like a book similar to Ron Benrey's book on writing Christian fiction. Wish I'd found it sooner, but glad I finally found it. Gail Gaymer Martin's book sounds like another one I should find quick.


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