Saturday, November 22, 2008

Grit for the Oyster by Debora M. Coty

In October, my husband and I went to North Georgia for a Gathering of classmates from several years of graduates of his small town high school. After the reunion, we all drove up to his friend's home in the mountains.

A neighbor came over to borrow some dry wood. My friend's wife introduced me to her and mentioned she was a writer. I told her I was an aspiring writer. We all talked about books and writing before she went back to her house to bring all three of us a book.

I chose Grit for the Oyster; 250 pearls of wisdom for aspiring writers written by her, Debora N. Coty, Suzanne Woods Fisher, Faith Tibbets McDonald, and Joanna Bloss.

I thought it was an unexpected surprise to meet her on top of a mountain deep in the North Carolina woods.

Grit for the Oyster is a collection of thoughts on writing by Terri Blackstock, Martha Bolton, James Scott Bell, Liz Curtis Higgs, Dr. Gary Chapman, and David Kopp as well as the authors and many other writers I recognized.

Each section begins with a scripture verse followed by advice on the writer's life. A prayer is followed by a section called "Reflection" which offers things to think about and put into practice. Quotes from authors conclude each section.

I recommend Grit for the Oyster as a helpful book to keep near your writing area. Reading a selection before beginning your daily writing sessions could be the inspiration you need to start your day.

Meeting and chatting with Debora M. Coty was a delightful surprise. Reading her book is a definite bonus. I had no idea what blessing was waiting for me in North Carolina this past October.


  1. I'd be careful with stuff by Mrs. Coty -- her husband is a hyperpreterist. Hyperpreterists believe 3 things:

    1. That Jesus came back once & for all in the year AD70.
    2. That the resurrection of the believers happened in AD70.
    3. That the judgment of the wicked & righteous happened in AD70.

    I'm not certain we should encourage this kind of influence within the Christian community.

    For more on hyperpreterism:

  2. When I talked with you, Sue, I knew this was a special experience for you meeting and visiting with this author. Thanks for telling us about this book. Sounds like a good one.


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