Monday, May 4, 2009

Pitch or Promote Like a Pro

Pitch or Promote Like a Pro by Terry Burns is a compilation of his presentations, dealing with how to overcome shyness in pitching to how-to-prepare the perfect proposal. I had the privilege of "lurking" in this class and even the greater privilege of receiving this e-book at the end of the course.

The first part of the book deals with being too shy to pitch. Terry describes his life and the problems he had with shyness. He then tells of a speech teacher who helped him develop a speaking persona. In the following chapters, he delves into how to overcome shyness.

On to the pitching...

Okay, now the book really heats up with more excellent content. For several chapters, we get an inside peek behind-the-scenes of a conference appointment from an agent's point-of-view. We learn what to say and what not to say while pitching to an editor/agent. Here's a question answered in the book: During your appointment, should you spend most of your time limit pitching your book? What does an agent think if you do?

The next chapters cover proposals, cover letters, sell sheets, marketing strategies, marketing comparables, writing a synopsis, and on top of all that Terry gives examples of everything needed to make a great proposal.

I've taken the class, read the book, and now I plan on printing out the information and reading it again only this time with a highlighter.

You can own this invaluable and inexpensive e-book for your own handy-dandy reference.

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  1. Boy, do I agree with you on this one. I also took the course. It was timely and oh, so helpful. Hope your blog on it raises awareness, & Terry sells a lot more of this book.


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