Saturday, March 6, 2010

Five Christian Sites for Aspiring Writers

It's my turn again and this week I want to do something different. We haven't done anything like this before, so it is quite new. Instead of describing a how-to-write book, which I've read recently, I've decided to list some great sites for you to go visit. While surfing the web this week, go bask in the rays of knowledge of these capable writers and the articles they've written.

(These sites are listed in alphabetical order of the author's last name)

James Scott Bell

Website address:

Mr. Bell has twelve different articles written for writers on this page. Some of the topics deal with dialogue, plot, scenes, structure, and agents.

Also, this author has written a wonderful book called, Plot & Structure, which I reviewed on this blog previously. If you haven't read it...then go buy, beg, borrow, or well, whatever your conscience will allow you to do.

Mary DeMuth

Blog address:

Ms. DeMuth has a blog dedicated for writers. She hosts editors, agents, published authors to visit her blog and talk about the craft of writing and the journey to publication. She also has articles posted on her blog with an example of an excellent written non-fiction query letter.

Jeff Gerke

Website address:

Oh, my word. Mr. Gerke has 96 articles written for writers on the page of the link I posted above. I had a hard time making myself leave his site to write this post. I was captivated by all the content this editor has written.

If you don't feel like reading each article and having to return to the website to read more, Mr. Gerke has compiled all the information from these article into a book for easier reading. Mr. Gerke also has written e-books you can buy and download to your computer. I have done this in the past and have reviewed them on this blog. I love his books.

Randy Ingermanson

Blog address:

Mr. Ingermanson's blog has two free articles for viewing, his popular Snowflake Method article, and Writing the Perfect Scene. He also has the Advanced Fiction Writing E-zine, which is free and is very helpful for instructing writers on how market their work. He has many other useful items for sale on his blog. A few weeks ago, I reviewed his Snowflake Pro, which is a computer software for plotting a novel and constructing a proposal. This software is so incredibly awesome! I plugged in all my information of my novel into it and oh, my goodness...I clicked a button and my almost complete proposal popped up in a Word Document. I couldn't believe my eyes.

Camy Tang

Blog address:

Ms. Tang's blog is written especially for the writer. She has many, many articles for the aspiring writer, all of which is excellent content. Her articles and Mr. Ingermanson's work has helped me forged through the complicated text of Dwight Swain. The Story Sensei list articles from deep point of view to how to network at conference. She also has online classes, which individuals can enroll and learn more about the craft of writing.

I hope you enjoy visiting these sites as much as I have and that you can learn more about writing. Don't forget that some of the authors mentioned above also have newsletters you can sign up to receive.


  1. Thanks so much for listing me, Debra! I'm honored!

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Debra!


  3. Good idea, Debra, to include websites in our books section. We all use those, too. I agree these are good ones.

  4. Hi Debra:
    Glad to hear you like my Snowflake method! And I'm honored to be listed here with four of my friends, Jim, Mary, Jeff, and Camy.

    Randy Ingermanson ("the Snowflake Guy").

  5. Camy, Randy, and are very welcome. I was happy to share your information with our readers.

  6. Camy has an excellent website and it is extremely well organized. I am hoping that she will eventually publish a writing craft book. I did not realized James Scott Bell had a website, silly me! Love his book. Have also enjoyed Ingermanson's and Gerke's material as well as DeMuth's.

  7. I agree about Camy writing a craft book. I remember she judged my work in one of the first contests I ever entered. She sent me four, single typed pages of suggestions to make my writing stronger. (((shrug))) I'd buy her book. I'd review it, too.


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