Monday, March 1, 2010

Saving Money on Writing Books

I was looking through my bookshelf full of writing books I've purchased over the years. Many are on my to read list. Where did I get these books with such interesting titles as Cowboy Slang?

The source for that one and several others was the local annual Friends of the Library book sale. Each year our group, which supports the library, hosts a three day sale of books. Local community members donate books they no longer need for the sale. The proceeds help fund projects such as new computers.

I've been able to find books about many subjects including the art of writing. I won't go into how many fiction books I find. For the price of $1.00 for a hardcover book and 50 cents for a paperback, I've brought home books I can use as resources for my own writing.

Our local library also has a section where books are sold monthly for the same low price. If you don't want to purchase a book, you can check out books on the topics you need. Another valuable service is inter library loan, which allows you to borrow a book from another library through your local library. Librarians also accept requests for books you think might be valuable for purchase for their permanent collection.

Other organizations such as the Adult Literacy Council often have book sales. Finally, if you have books about writing in good condition, donate them to your local library book sale. Someone like me might need the book for her next writing project.

Support your local library.


  1. Good idea, Sue. Thanks for reminding us of this treasure.

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