Monday, March 15, 2010

Noah Lukeman The First Five Pages

Ahhh… the joy, the ultimate blissful feeling that envelopes you once you have that finished manuscript. But now you want to make sure it’s ready before you send it to an agent. But what things do you check for?

Like a pilot getting ready for takeoff, Noah Lukeman in his book, The First Five Pages, gives us a pre-flight checklist for our manuscripts. A literary agent himself, he shares with us about things he sees in submissions everyday, things that could potentially send your otherwise wonderful manuscript into the slush pile of no return.

In this easy to read book, you’ll find wonderful suggestions and pointed tips to make your manuscript shine, especially those all important first five pages. From preliminary problems such as presentation and style to problems in the ‘bigger picture’ such as showing versus telling, pacing, and hooks, Mr. Lukeman’s book is sure to help you take your writing to a higher level.
Link to website and excerpt to Mr. Lukeman’s book: First Five Pages

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  1. I knew it. You've made a compelling argument for reading that book.


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